Elenco riviste attinenti alle tematiche trattate dai membri del GTTI

  • IEEE Transaction on Communications 
    The field of interest of the Communications Society consists of all telecommunications including telephone, telegraphy, facsimile, and point-to-point television, by electromagnetic propagation including radio; wire; aerial; underground, coaxial, and submarine cables; waveguides, communication satellites, and lasers; in marine, aeronautical, space and fixed station services; repeaters, radio relaying, signal storage, and regeneration; telecommunication error detection and correction; multiplexing and carrier techniques; communication switching systems; data communications; and communication theory.
  • IEEE Transaction on Information Theory 
    The IEEE Transactions on Information Theory is a journal that publishes theoretical and experimental papers concerned with the transmission, processing, and utilization of information
  • IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking 
    The IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking is an archival, bimonthly journal committed to the timely publication of high-quality papers that advance the state-of-the-art and practical applications of communication networks. It is co-sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society, the IEEE Computer Society, and the ACM with its Special Interest Group on Data Communications (SIGCOMM) .
  • International Journal of Navigation and Observation 
    An open-access on-line Hindawi publication