Riunione annuale 2022

Padova, 5-7 Settembre 2022

La Riunione Annuale 2022 si terrà a Padova dal 5 al 7 Settembre 2022 ed è organizzata dai colleghi dell'Università di Padova.

Attraverso questo portale sono disponibili informazioni su: sede della riunione, alberghi e come raggiungere la sede.

E' possibile registrarsi attraverso questo link:  iscrizione

Il programma è il seguente:
Programma GTTI22

Abstract of the talk "Wireless AI: From Cloud AI to on-device AI" by Merouane Debbah:
Fueled by the availability of more data and computing power, recent breakthroughs in cloud-based machine learning (ML) have transformed every aspect of our lives from face recognition and medical diagnosis to natural language processing. However, classical ML exerts severe demands in terms of energy, memory and computing resources, limiting their adoption for resource constrained edge devices. The new breed of intelligent devices requires a novel paradigm change calling for distributed, low-latency and reliable ML at the wireless network edge. This talk will explore the potential of the Mobile AI paradigm to unlock the full potential of 5G and beyond.


GTTI PhD awards

  • Bruschi Valerio, Closing the gap between Performance and Efficiency in Programmable Networking, Univ. Roma Tor Vergata, Advisor: Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi, GTTI22 presentation slides
  • Meneghello Francesca, Wireless Communications and Sensing – Opportunities and Challenges for Environment Aware Networks, Univ. Padova, Advisor: Prof. Michele Rossi, GTTI22 presentation slides
  • Saggese Fabio, Optimization algorithms for physical layer in 5G and beyond wireless networks, Univ. Pisa, Adisors: Proff. Marco Moretti, Michele Morelli, GTTI22 presentation slides