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GTTI for the Future

Goal: The GTTI for the Future workshop is an annual event organized to promote business opportunities for ideas brought forward by young Italian Researchers working in diverse ICT domains.

Conference on Knowledge Capital

May 14, 2013 - CONFINDUSTRIA FIRENZE, Via Valfonda 9, Florence, Italy

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

Confindustria Firenze, Via Valfonda 9 - FIRENZE, Italy (located 100m from the central railway station Firenze S. Maria Novella)

09.00: Welcome coffee and Registration
09.30: Opening of the Event (Simone Bettini - President CONFINDUSTRIA FIRENZE, Oreste Giurlani - President UNCEM and Coordinator of Rete Telematica Regionale Toscana, Simone Tani - Head Promozione Economica COMUNE DI FIRENZE, Sergio Palazzo - President of GTTI, Enrico Del Re - President of CNIT, Vito Cappellini - University of Florence)
10.30: Presentation of the CONFERENCE Goals
Vito Cappellini and Marco Luise
10.50: Presentation of KCMO - "Knowledge Capital Management Organization" (Download presentation)
Shiniji Shimojo, University of Osaka and KCMO
Chair: Vito Cappellini
12.00: Exploitation of Research Excellence in Italy and Europe: some prominent experiences - I
Chair: Sergio Palazzo
- Roberto Saracco: Education, Research and Innovation: the three pillars of ICT LABS to create and leverage Knowledge Capital (Download presentation)
- Marco Luise: The Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications NEWCOM# (Download presentation)
13.00: Award by INTERNATIONAL EVA NETWORK (Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts) to Superintendent Cristina Acidini - Polo Museale Fiorentino
13.10: Light Lunch
14.10: Exploitation of Research Excellence in Italy and Europe: some prominent experiences - II
Chair: Sergio Palazzo
- Giancarlo Prati: The Institute TECIP (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, CNIT) (Download presentation)
14.40:- Presentation of "High Definition 3D Scanning: A New Dimension for Quality Inspection and Mechanical Engineering"
Bernd Breuckmann, Breuckmann Gmbh, Germany
- Contributions and Discussion on "Creative Enterprisers"
Chair: Vito Cappellini
15.40: Start-Up Experiences presented by YOUNG ITALIAN ICT RESEARCHERS
Chair: Riccardo Leonardi
- Nicola Ciulli, NextWorks, Pisa (Download presentation)
- Manuel Crotti, Fluidsens, Brescia (Download presentation)
- Gaetano Marrocco, Radio6ense srl, Roma (Download presentation)
- Susanna Spinsante, DoWSee srl, Ancona (Download presentation)
17.30: Conclusions
Vito Cappellini and Marco Luise - GTTI

The registration form can be downloaded HERE

Participation to the event is restricted to GTTI associates and is subject to registration.

Please send the filled in registration form to the workshop to BEFORE MAY 10, 2013.

For further information please contact