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National Telecommunications and Information Theory Group - GTTI

What the GTTI is

The National Telecommunications and Information Theory Group (GTTI) is an association of teachers and researchers of Italian universities and companies that operate in the field of telecommunications and, more generally, in the broad area of th e Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In addition to Academic partners, Research Units belonging to public and private national and multinationals companies are also partners of GTTI.

The Research Units of GTTI are active in all fields of Telecommunication technologies: telephone and data networks, Internet, cellular systems, wired and wireless LANs, satellite communications, network architecture and security, Next Generation Networks, remote sensing and positioning systems based on radar and satellites, signal processing technologies for multimedia applications, just to cite the main topics.

Born in the 80's under the aegis of the Italian national research council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR) as a scientific reference body in the field of telecommunications, the GTTI now represents an informal association (Group) on a par with the other, "sister" Groups which operate in different but related academic areas, such as electronics and/or electromagnetism.

Currently, 37 Italian universities are partners of GTTI with a total of about 300 people in their capacities of full professors, associate professors and assistant professors (researchers).

In addition to this, 7 research centers and 20 companies are also members of GTTI, including Telecom Italia, Ericsson, Selex, Alenia, Siemens, Alcatel, Albacom.

The GTTI cooperates with other Italian associations in the same field, particularly with AICT (Association for the Technologies of Information and Communications) and CNIT (National Inter-university Consortium about Telecommunications).

The GTTI operates through a Scientific Council consisting of representatives from each Research Unit (University, Research Center, and Lab of a Company). Every three years, the Council elects the Executive Committee, (Giunta), the Secretary, and the President. These bodies steer and manage all the activities of the Group.

The Group encourages initiatives at the national level to spread culture and to promote research and education in telecommunications and telematics, in order to foster interaction between academic and industrial research, and to improve the general National expertise in the field.

Annual GTTI Meeting

The GTTI main periodic event consists in an annual plenary meeting, during which academic and entrepreneurial/business components in the field of telecommunications discuss on several subjects such as teaching, scientific research and its applications, and normative aspects.

Such a meeting has become an essential common ground between University and Companies over the years, thereby making its contribution to the development of such a crucially important field for national economics.

The 2008 GTTI Meeting took place in Florence on June 16th to 18th, 2008, while the 2009 GTTI Meeting will take place in Parma on June 23th to 25th.