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Annual GTTI Award for PhD Theses in the field of Communication Technologies

Standing Rules:

2010 Edition

All material has to be sent in electronic form (.pdf format) to the e-mail address within May 09, 2010, h. 24:00.
Submission of document 3. above, if not available at the date of application, can be delayed no later than June 01, 2010, h. 24:00.
Templates for documents 4. above is available from here in pdf and .doc format.
For further information, all interested parties should contact Prof. Roberto Cusani
A pdf version of this call is available in English here and in Italian here .

Vincitori 2010

Dott.ssa Chiara BURATTI, "Wireless Ambient Networks", Tutor Prof. Roberto VERDONE, Università di Bologna

Dr. Marco BERTOLINI, "Phase modulated long-haul optical transmission with differential and coherent detection", Tutor Prof. Alberto BONONI, Università di Parma

Dr. Simone SAVASTA, "GNSS Localisation techniques in Interfered Environments", Tutor Prof.ssa Letizia LO PRESTI, Politecnico di Torino